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April 11-13, 2018

Join us for the right combination of business development, personal accountability, and personal growth tips and "discover your success".


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  • IMAGINE taking your business to the next level!
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Despite their busy schedules, each of these speakers said Yes! to sharing at this event and they are sure to teach some of their best stuff.

We don’t want you to go through the same mistakes and setbacks they experienced and learned from.  They can teach you strategies and tweaks, that when properly applied, can make all the difference.​

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Meet the Experts

These speakers will share their secret formulas, recipes for success, success routines and tools, that when applied, can help you achieve transformation in your life and business.

Isn't it time you said Yes? Yes, to playing bigger!

Kim Garst

Social Media Strategy

Kim is an international best selling author, international keynote speaker, one of the world’s most retweeted people among digital marketers and a highly sought after marketing strategist.

Kim is also internationally recognized as a thought leader in the social media space. Forbes named her as one of the Top 10 Social Media Power Influencers. She has provided social and digital marketing advice to some of the world’s top brands like Microsoft, IBM, and Mastercard as well and hundreds of influential business leaders on digital and social media business strategies.


Sheila J. Davis

Ignite Your Autopilot Biz & Live Life!

Sheila J. Davis, founder of YES! Women’s Network and Lock n' Load Marketing, is an accomplished speaker, digital marketer, trainer, and mentor. She's known for her motivating and engaging presentation style, professional online work, freely giving expert advice that money-in-bank works, and endlessly texting her children “dab” emojis (that’s what the cool moms do, right?).

She's made it her life's mission to help entrepreneurs regain control of their lives and revive their dreams. It's time for the endless to-do lists that drained your energy to go away! Are you ready to replaced by the low gentle hummm of your business running in the background while you live!

Matthew Taylor

Structuring Your Business for Success

Matthew Taylor is a small business expert,  the Founder and CEO of EzBiz Start | Nevada Business Center | Wyoming Business Center. He is a Coach, Speaker, Wealth Preservation Expert, Guide, Lobbyist, and Entrepreneurship Instructor.

Julie May

Success Through Events

Julie May has been inspiring youth and adults as a teacher and mentor for over 10 years. She is a keynote speaker, author, mentor, coach, and A-list event producer. She is the COO of YES! Women’s Network which is your trusted resource for online courses, coaching, and events for female entrepreneurs worldwide. She produces the Joyful Living Women’s Conference where thousands of women come to be inspired by some of the top speakers, authors, and coaches in the nation.

Nathan Ogden

What’s your “Q Card”

From a rising 20-something to instantly paralyzed, Nathan Ogden’s life came crashing to a halt. Nathan shattered his neck snow skiing leaving him a quadriplegic in 2001. Through intense therapy and pain over the next year he recovered nearly half of his body function and began working full-time again. Just as life seemed “normal” again Nathan experienced another devastating neck break that robbed him the use of his hands, triceps, and any regained movement from the chest down. By staring his excuses in the eye he found new legs to live life standing taller.

As an inspirational keynote speaker, trainer and author of the book, Unfrozen. Nathan has taught thousands in business, organizations, nonprofits and schools how to conquer their fears and move from paralysis to progress through eliminating excuses in their professional and personal lives.

Leisa Watkins

Tools to Expand Your Influence and Get More Clients

Leisa specializes in strategic consulting, including business plan & sales strategy development. She is passionate about helping powerful ideas spread.  She work with entrepreneurs helping them navigate their business to greater success, and particularly enjoys assisting speakers, authors, and coaches and mentors.  Leisa focuses on helping her clients systemize their marketing efforts and business systems so they can build a larger customer base, and help them bring their existing clients in more often. She also help entrepreneurs build a better online presence, through more effective websites, and beautiful design.


Galit Ventura-Rozen

5 Steps to Take Your Business from Passion to Profit

Galit Ventura-Rozen is a Women Empowerment and Business Mentor.  A successful entrepreneur, business mentor and professional speaker dedicated to guiding women to take their passion business to the next level.   As a performance expert she teaches her clients efficiency, delegation, and how to increase profits through visibility.

Tyler J. Watson

Heart Based Enrollments

Tyler J. Watson helps cause-driven entrepreneurs gain skills and master emotions so they can become unstoppable in living and monetizing on their God-given mission.  He is a sought-after international speaker and coach and author of the #1 Amazon bestselling “The Enrollment Effect.” Most important, he is a passionate father and husband.

Katrina McGHee

Owning The Seat You Are Sitting In

Katrina McGhee is an author, speaker, and CEO of Loving on Me, an online Academy empowering audacious women to lead and succeed. With over two decades of experience as a senior executive, she provides relevant and relatable strategies in all of her teaching, inspiring positive changes in everyone she encounters.

Nate Tucker

Conquer Life's Challenge with a Laugh

Nate is an expert in all things positivity. Join Nate as he helps you find the inspiration to tackle any challenge and achieve your greatest goals!

Nate was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis when he was just 6 years old. Because this world wasn’t built for a body like Nate’s, he sees life with a different perspective than most. At a young age, he realized that uncomfortable situations can often be diffused through comedy. As he grew older, he realized that this allowed him to find the silver lining in all things. In addition to living life to the fullest, Nate has a background in marketing, software, coaching, finance, small business development, and being funny. Nate enjoys capturing the beauty around him through photography and videography, and has a passion for many styles of music. Nate spends his free time trying new things with friends, traveling, and serving on the board of directors for Forget Me Not Animal Sanctuary, an animal rescue in Las Vegas. Nate travels often, but Phoenix is his home.


Elly Hurley & Helen Denney-Stone

Messenger Marketing with Chatbots - The New Frontier!

Elly and Helen are the founders of Nudge Marketing, a Marketing Training and Advisory company and Australia's leading authority in Messenger Marketing and Chatbots.

Both are well-known speakers and offer an amusing contrast of strategy and problem solving mixed with geeky knowledge without the jargon. Both are highly qualified digital marketing specialists who are OCD. That is 'Obsessive Chatbot Disorder'!

Working with business owners to create affordable, result driven marketing strategies, they provide the next frontier in marketing and customer experience, staying ahead of the curve of business technology delivering the smartest solutions for business success.

Michael Kawula


Mike Kawula is the CEO of Social Media Startup Social Quant, a top ranked Twitter tool by Hubspot that helps you find the most relevant followers on Twitter that will interact with your business. Michael is an entrepreneur whose last 3 businesses each hit 7 figures in under 3 years with his last one being ranked 144 fastest growing company by Inc. Magazine in 2012.

He’s an author, has been featured on CNN, interviewed by Anthony Robbins and featured in over 100 publications over the last few years. Michael has been an entrepreneur since 9/10/2001.

He has had a strong passion for marketing, startups, his family and the Florida beaches.




Here's the Daily Lineup

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Pre-party | 9:30 AM Mountain Standard Time

Join us for prizes, success tips and fun!

Here are the hashtags you'll be using during our pre-party:

#2018NoRegrets #DiscoverYourSuccess #FindingSuccess

Katrina McGee | 10:00 AM Mountain Standard Time

Influencing for Impact

Join us for a candid discussion on how to influence up, down and across to maximize your impact. Coach, trainer and former Komen CMO Katrina McGhee will share six strategies you can immediately implement to enhance your executive presence, communicate with confidence and make things happen through effective collaboration.

Tyler Watson | 11:00 AM Mountain Standard Time

Heart Based Enrollments

Use your unique gifts to attract and enroll higher-paying, higher-quality clients.

Most entrepreneurs create a business because they want a life of fun, freedom, and family.   Unfortunately, often the reality is very different. If you want to dramatically increase your time and money freedom, the solution is simple… master the enrollment process. Join us to learn how to:

1) Use your feminine energy to attract and convert the right clients

2) Understand the skills needed to enroll consistently and with ease

3) Find and remove emotional blocks that slow results.

Become unstoppable!

Galit Ventura-Rozen | 1:00 PM Mountain Standard Time

5 Steps to Take Your Business From Passion to Profit

You dream of doing what you love every day, your purpose.. your passion.. your business.  I will cover the 5 crucial steps to take your business from passion to profit. You will learn how to target your ideal client, have a clear vision for your business, research the market and more than anything who your ideal client is and how to target them.  As an entrepreneur for over 20 years and a mother of 3, I will also show you how to make sure you have balance between your life and your business.. Your Business... Your Way...

Julie May | 2:00 PM Mountain Standard Time

10X Your Impact and Influence through events

Most of us became entrepreneurs not just to help support our families, but so that we could also impact the world. We wanted to create real change and had a message to share. Did you know that the absolutely most impactful way to share your message is in person? But most of us don’t have the time and energy to share our message to one person at a time. With LIVE EVENTS, you can share your message to hundreds or even thousands of your ideal clients at once! Come learn the 5 crucial keys for creating and FILLING your own LIVE events every time.


Pre-party | 9:30 AM Mountain Standard Time

Join us for prizes, success tips and fun!

Here are the hashtags you'll be using during our pre-party:

#2018NoRegrets #DiscoverYourSuccess #FindingSuccess

Sheila J. Davis | 10:00 AM Mountain Standard Time

Autopilot: Income-Generating Powerhouse of a Business!

So many of us find ourselves at the end of a long day feeling like we haven't accomplished anything. Yes, we checked off loads of things from our "to-do" list, but did we serve our passions? Did we change lives? Did we actually make a difference? If not, it's time to put your business on autopilot and live the life you were meant to live!

Kim Garst | 11:00 AM Mountain Standard Time

Building Influence Through Social Media

Kim Garst is one of the world's most retweeted people among digital marketers. She is a renowned marketing strategist, keynote speaker and an international best-selling author of Will The Real You Please Stand Up, Show Up, Be Authentic and Prosper in Social Media. Kim focuses on helping business owners grow a business they love while living the life they want.

Kim is also internationally recognized as a thought leader in the social media space. Forbes named her as one of the Top 10 Social Media Power Influencers. Her blog,, is one of the top social media resources in the world.

Matthew Taylor | 1:00 PM Mountain Standard Time

Setting Your Business Up for Success

Matthew will cover managing the parts of business that all of us needs and cannot function without.

There are many cogs to the machine that is your business. Are you familiar with managing payroll, setting up payment processing, business phone systems, or establishing an online presence?


Nathan Ogden | 2:00 PM Mountain Standard Time

What's Your Q Card?

In life, just like cards, there is usually one card that is more powerful than the rest, like a wild card. I call this your “Q Card”. It comes in the form of fear, doubt, justifications, lies, and of course exQuses.

When we allow fear to control our minds we become mentally paralyzed and unable to achieve progress. The question is, WHAT CARD DO YOU PLAY? Learn to recognize the exQuses you tell yourself and others, that keeps you from attaining what you desire. I can't choose to move my legs, but I can choose to stand up and face my fears. So can you!

Join us at Discover Your Success to find out how Nathan uses superior systems to move from paralysis to progress. Nathan is someone that will inspire you and change your life for the better just for having heard his story and experiences. You won't be able to accept excuses ever again! It's time for you to start living your life Unfrozen!

APRIL 13, 2018 | FRIDAY

Pre-party | 9:30 AM Mountain Standard Time

Join us for prizes, success tips and fun!

Here are the hashtags you'll be using during our pre-party:

#2018NoRegrets #DiscoverYourSuccess #FindingSuccess

Michael Kawula | 10:00 AM Mountain Standard Time

Discovering Success as an Entrepreneur

During Discover Your Success Online Summit, Mike and Sheila will have a chat and Q&A discussion to discuss the struggles of discovering success as an entrepreneur. Some have found great success and seem to have it so easy. We watch as some entrepreneurs seem to have success fall right into their laps. How can we achieve this success in our businesses, join us live and find out!

Leisa Watkins | 11:00 AM Mountain Standard Time

Tools to Expand Your Influence and Get More Clients

As an online entrepreneur, you have the same powerful tools at your disposal that much larger companies enjoy, but if you’re not taking the best advantage of them, you’re leaving money on the table and influence in the closet. We’ll take a look at strategies you can use to add develop a larger reach, make a bigger impact, produce more sales, and add dollars to your bottom line. And how to do it all while reaching those you feel most called to serve.

Nate Tucker | 1:00 PM Mountain Standard Time

In addition to living life to the fullest, Nate has a background in marketing, software, coaching, finance, small business development, and being funny. Nate enjoys capturing the beauty around him through photography and videography and has a passion for many styles of music.

Elly Hurley & Helen Denney-Stone | 2:00 PM Mountain Standard Time

Generate Leads without Emails or Landing Pages! Messenger Marketing the new Frontier
Get ready to discover the quickest and most profitable way to get in front of your customers in 2018?
We all know growing your business can be hard. Business owners are often time poor and struggling to generate enough leads and sales. Tired and often overwhelmed by the amount of things to learn and do! But there is a different way now, a new opportunity and That is Facebook Messenger Marketing with Chatbots.
People love using Facebook Messenger. In fact, 1.3 Billion people do. Your market, your customers hang out on Messenger so this is where your Business should be too!
Helen and Elly who are Australia's leading authority on Messenger Marketing and Chatbots will show you how to get started with Facebook Messenger how to generate leads, shorten your sales cycle, improve your customer experience and increase your revenue. All this without a website, without emails, no landing pages, and often no ad spend.
This is a real opportunity not to be missed.










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